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Every week we publish articles for you on our website about the most relevant news about the art, science, business and politics of aging in the United States and the rest of the world. This edition of our newsletter summarizes the articles that we've published since the date of our last newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it!

Happy New Year!

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."
~Abraham Lincoln~

Paramedics Follow Caregivers

Caregivers Aren’t the Only Ones Visiting Seniors at Home

Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo regularly see the relief and joy that seniors experience when they are able to remain at home instead of moving to a nursing home. Statistics and common sense both agree that home is the safest, healthiest environment for most […]

Will We See an Insulin Pill Soon?

Diabetic Patients Look Forward to the End of Injections

People with diabetes are able to lead a largely normal life today, as long as they avoid certain foods and keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. There is one inconvenience that they must deal with, however: daily insulin injections. We have gotten […]

Who Needs Home Caregivers?

Home Caregivers in are Important for More Seniors than You Think

In one sense, families of seniors aren’t too concerned with nationwide surveys about aging. It doesn’t help them very much in a practical sense to know how the demographics of elderly people have changed over the past 30 years, for example. But […]

Nursing Home Investigation

Study Shows that In-home Caregivers may be Safer than Nursing Homes

Adult children of seniors should keep up with news relating to elderly care, especially if they are in the process of making long-term care decisions. Sadly, some families make these decisions with minimal discussion among themselves, changing their senior loved ones’ lives […]

Home Care In San Diego County – More California Background Check Issues

California Laws Make It Hard NOT to Hire Criminals As Caregivers In San Diego County

Recently we wrote about the topic of background checks.  As they say on TV, though, “But wait, there’s more!”  Normally, a thorough criminal background check is what the public expects from agencies who provide in-home caregivers.  In San Diego […]

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