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Every week we publish articles for you on our website about the most relevant news about the art, science, business and politics of aging in the United States and the rest of the world. This edition of our newsletter summarizes the articles that we've published since the date of our last newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it!

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"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters."
~ Epictetus ~

Story of Community Help Cheers Home Caregivers near Carlsbad

Home Caregivers near Carlsbad are Encouraged by Pizza Restaurant’s Service Here in southern California, we haven’t been endangered too badly by the frigid temperatures freezing the rest of the country. But seniors in areas farther north have been confined to their homes, doing what they can to stay warm. Home caregivers near Carlsbad recently heard […]

In-home Caregivers in Oceanside: Movies About Alzheimer’s

In-home Caregivers in Oceanside Review Alzheimer’s Disease on Film Who doesn’t love a good movie? Your tastes may be romance, comedy, action, or history, but if someone in your life suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, you probably also take an interest in any movie that addresses the subject. The best movies, rather than exploit the tragedy […]

Home Care near Del Mar: What Does “Under Observation” Mean?

Home Care near Del Mar Explains a Confusing Medicare Loophole Millions of seniors across the country, including many under home care near Del Mar, depend on Medicare to pay hospital expenses. They assume that when they have a serious medical need, they will be able to get it addressed without worrying about bills piling up. […]

Senior Care in Solana Beach Considers Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss News Presented by Senior Care in Solana Beach The problem of hearing loss is so common that it’s become a stereotype for seniors. Many of us automatically speak more loudly when addressing an elderly person, assuming that they will have trouble hearing us. Professionals in senior care in Solana Beach find it more […]

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