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Every week we publish articles for you on our website about the most relevant news about the art, science, business and politics of aging in the United States and the rest of the world. This edition of our newsletter summarizes the articles that we've published since the date of our last newsletter, and we hope you enjoy it!

How to Go to Jail for Elderly Financial Abuse

U.K. Man Ends Bizarre Financial Abuse Journey

Sadly, stories of financial abuse against the elderly have become so common that we have grown accustomed to seeing them on a weekly basis in the local news. But occasionally a story is so odd that it catches our eye and reminds us of just how far some […]

How to Gauge a Senior’s Driving Ability

How Can You Tell Whether Your Elderly Parent Should Stop Driving?

The danger of putting off the dreaded “car keys” conversation with an elderly parent is clear. However, it is also harmful to deprive a senior of a big part of his freedom before it is necessary. Just because a senior has reached a certain […]

How to Navigate Medicare Enrollment

Senior Medicare Plans Deserve Close Attention

As if the months leading into the busy holiday season weren’t hectic enough, there’s another item to add to the family’s agenda: open enrollment for Medicare. If you care for a senior family member who receives Medicare benefits, you probably can’t afford to let this important time period go […]

How to Avoid Denture-Related Health Problems

Dentures Can Harm Overall Health Without Proper Care

The invention of modern dentures has done much to improve quality of life for many, many seniors, even though we don’t often think about them. Dentures make it possible for seniors who have lost teeth due to illness or simple age-related causes to speak, eat, and look […]

How to Balance Senior Diet Issues

A Balanced Diet is Essential for the Elderly

Senior nutrition is a complex field. As an adult’s body transitions from middle to old age, its requirements change, with certain nutrients becoming more important and others less important. Specific illnesses might require close control of sodium, sugar, and other factors. In addition to these considerations, psychological […]

How to Prepare for Minor Disasters

Even a Small Natural Event Can Create Danger for Seniors

If a 9.0 earthquake, a raging forest fire, or a hurricane strikes our hometown, we plan to swing into emergency mode right away, pulling out our emergency kits, gathering our family members, and getting to safety as quickly as possible. It’s certainly important to make […]

How to Transition from the Hospital to the Home

Simple Steps Can Keep Seniors Home

Instead of Headed Back to the Hospital When a senior is in the hospital because of an injury or illness, the hospital staff, family caregivers, and the senior herself all share a common goal: getting her back home as soon as possible! Unfortunately, we know from statistics that often […]

How to Hold Nursing Homes Liable for Neglect?

Legal Mazes Often Await Victims of Nursing Home Neglect

The ideal nursing home is one where all staff members are deeply committed to the health and happiness of their clients, safety and care standards are rigorously upheld, and communication with family members is a top priority. Sadly, there are very few facilities that can be […]

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