How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Elderly Loved One

Pets Can be Great for Seniors if Chosen Carefully A few years ago, not many people had heard the phrase “therapy dog,” but today animals are used in many different contexts for emotional support. Of course, we have always known that pets bring a lot of happiness, comfort, and fun into the home, but recently […]

In-home Assistance for Elderly near Leucadia: Senior Vacation Tips

In-home Assistance for Elderly near Leucadia Warns About Travel Dangers Many people look forward to retirement as the time they will finally get to take the vacations they have always wished for. Without children to raise, college to pay for, or work schedules to keep, retired seniors are free to fly, drive, or cruise wherever […]

Geriatric Care Manager near Leucadia: A Senior Studies Gerontology

The Geriatric Care Manager near Leucadia Marvels at Student’s Dedication The typical geriatric care manager near Leucadia has chosen his field out of a love for seniors. With life expectancy in the U.S. rising and more seniors retiring every year, the occupation has great “job security” and is immensely rewarding. But for one student earning […]