Learning How to Stay in Shape—At Any Age!

Low-impact Exercises Help Seniors Look and Feel Great Some seniors have an unfortunate view of what their later years should look like. After working all their lives, they feel they have earned the right to sit around, take it easy, and adopt a very sedentary routine. Other seniors, without putting things into words, simply slip […]

How to Keep Your Senior Parent Living at Home

Easy Steps to Safe, Healthy Life at Home Many, many American families face the dilemma every year: a senior family member needs increasing care on a daily basis, due to a physical injury, illness, or cognitive decline. Is it better to ask family members to devote additional time to care or move the senior to […]

Exciting Type 2 Diabetes News

In-home Caregivers in Carlsbad ask: Is There An Insulin Resistance Solution? At A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions, we have many Seniors as clients who suffer from type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes patients have “a hard row to hoe.” Not only do they have to pay very close attention to their diet and make radical adjustments, but they also […]

Breakthrough Results in Parkinson’s Research

Geriatric Care Manager near Carlsbad is Optimistic about Progress on Parkinson’s Disease There is great excitement in the medical world over a very important new discovery concerning Parkinson’s disease. The finding is the sort of breakthrough that scientists dream about, one that could lead directly to effective treatments and even a possible cure for the […]

Fake Investors Finally Caught

Local Arrests Ease the Mind of the In-home Caregiver near Carlsbad Special investigators recently caught four criminals who had stolen millions of dollars from at least 28 different seniors. The scam was centered in San Diego, and the in-home caregiver near Carlsbad is disturbed to discover the kind of financial abuse that was happening to […]

In-home Care near Carlsbad Anticipates the End of Flu Season

Flu Prevention Help from In-home Care near Carlsbad Some of us tend to ignore the onset of flu season each year. Those of us who naturally fight off illness effectively may simply wash our hands more often, but families with children in school and/or seniors with weaker immune systems need to treat influenza with a […]