Does It Matter How Home Care Companies Are Certified?

In California, there are two meaningful certifications available for non-medical in-home care companies. In this article we’ll present a quantification of the relative “strength” of both of them in terms of consumer and worker protection. In later articles we’ll go into more detail about the differences between them.

CAHSAH Home Care Aide Organization Certification

Introduction The California Association for Health Services at Home (“CAHSAH”), is a statewide home care association and the primary advocate of home care services for the western United States. Founded in 1966, CAHSAH has a long tradition of service to the home care industry and to the public. CAHSAH’s mission is to promote quality home […]

Standards for Professional Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego County

Have you ever wondered what licensing, certification, or qualification a person must hold in order to work as a professional geriatric care manager in San Diego County? Everyone is familiar with the many years of education required to become a doctor or a registered nurse, but standards for providers of specialized services related to in-home […]

CAHSAH Code Of Ethics for CAHSAH-Certified Home Care Organizations in San Diego County

The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) is an important influence in California home care. A senior home care company working under the certification of CAHSAH in San Diego County commits to adhere to the organization’s code of ethics. The group, founded to provide home care companies with accountability, resources, and influence in […]

Are Home Care “Minimum Standards” Good Enough for My Parents?

Summary In California, there are two main types of “certifications” for non-medical home care companies: CAHSAH and ABHC.  Both certifications serve as guides for families when choosing an in-home elderly care company for their older loved ones.  Both certifications use their own set of “minimum standards” for certification. Those minimum standards are necessary but not […]