How Elderly Patients Can Manage Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Fatigue and Depression Caused By MS Can Be Managed Effectively Elderly people who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis often experience what some doctors refer to as the “invisible symptoms” of fatigue and depression. They are known as invisible symptoms because they may not be immediately identified or recognized as symptoms of MS. A patient’s description […]

How to Recognize and Treat Depression in the Elderly

Depression Affects Millions of Elderly Americans Approximately six million Americans over the age of 65 struggle with depression. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those people receive appropriate treatments. Often, caregivers attribute the symptoms of depression to normal aging processes or physical illnesses, causing them to miss the early warning signs. Learning to understand and […]

The Important Parkinson’s Disease-Depression Link

Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease are Also Likely to Suffer from Depression Often, a high-profile event like the unexpected death of a celebrity brings an issue into the public spotlight that some of us deal with every day. The recent tragic suicide of Robin Williams has led to countless news stories detailing the fact that he […]

Senior Care near Leucadia Shows Some Love

A Reminder from Senior Care near Leucadia to Show Your Love Hopefully, your Valentine’s Day weekend was filled with gifts, expressions of love, and—of course—chocolate! But as you spend time with that special someone, don’t forget to also make time for the people who poured out so much love as you grew up: your aging […]

Medicare Now Covers Annual Screening For Depression

Many people assume that as health problems multiply and loved ones die, it’s inevitable that the elderly become depressed. Not true, say experts.  But depression often goes undiagnosed in the elderly, who feel the stigma of mental illness more acutely than younger people and are often less likely to seek help.  The situation may be […]