Valley Fever Info from Caregivers in San Marcos

Caregivers in San Marcos Warn About Valley Fever You may have never heard of valley fever, especially if you have only recently moved to the southwestern United States. If you have elderly family members, though, it is important for you to be on the lookout for symptoms that could indicate valley fever and have a […]

In-home Care near Carlsbad Anticipates the End of Flu Season

Flu Prevention Help from In-home Care near Carlsbad Some of us tend to ignore the onset of flu season each year. Those of us who naturally fight off illness effectively may simply wash our hands more often, but families with children in school and/or seniors with weaker immune systems need to treat influenza with a […]

In-home Care in Los Angeles Examines the Most Common Diseases in Seniors

Which Diseases does In-home Care in Los Angeles  See Most Often? Infectious diseases can be an extremely serious problem for the elderly, including those who benefit from in-home care in Los Angeles . For younger folks, an illness is usually a minor inconvenience, perhaps causing the loss of a day of work or school. But seniors, […]

How Clean Are the Curtains at Your Hospital in San Diego County?

Have you ever wondered just how clean the rooms are in your hospital in San Diego County? You probably have little concern about the bed sheets, which are changed every day, or the actual medical equipment that is sterilized frequently. But what about the other, less often addressed surfaces in the room? The privacy curtain […]