Fashion Finally Comes to Senior Products

The Elderly Want to Have Some Style Too! Fashion products for babies are big business. Children’s clothing? Even bigger. The preteen and teenager fashion market is massive, as is the young adult market. There is one demographic, however, that is conspicuously absent from the fashion world: senior citizens. You won’t find a large department store […]

New Bed Rail Concerns Prompt Recall

Senior Care near Escondido Explains New Recall Bed rails appear to be simple enough devices, and their invention was an effort to help seniors get in and out of bed more safely. However, since their widespread implementation, numerous serious risks have appeared and led to safety recalls over the years. Now, yet another recall has […]

Nintendo Wii Can Help Home Health Aides In Valley Center

While the Nintendo Wii has quickly made a place for itself in the teen and young adult gaming market since its release several years ago, another, less expected, group of people have found it appealing as well. Tools for use by home health aides in Valley Center and other areas are usually designed specifically with […]