In-home Caregivers near Rancho Santa Fe: Weekends Worse for ER Visits

In-home Caregivers near Rancho Santa Fe Must Be Extra Vigilant During Weekend ER Visits Of course, there is no such thing as a good time for a head injury. But some times may be worse than others, according to a study that some curious researchers conducted recently. The researchers speculated that seniors who visited a […]

Reduce Aging Parents’ Falls in Del Mar

Caring for aging parents isn’t easy. And as your parents get older and more delicate, each fall becomes a more serious issue. Falls lead to many of the health problems that elderly people experience, and a bad fall can even cause death. You can help to reduce elderly falls in Del Mar with these tips. Safe […]

How to Make a Home Handicap Accessible

Do-it-Yourself Tips for Making the House Safer For most of us, our parents have always seemed like the most capable, independent, in-control people in our lives. Chances are, it has never occurred to you to think of your mother or father as handicapped or needing a little extra help just to move around the home […]

Home Health Care in Solana Beach: New Osteoporosis Treatment

Women Under Home Health Care in Solana Beach Find More Convenient Bone Fracture Prevention Doctors expect about half of all women over the age of fifty to experience a bone fracture caused by osteoporosis at some point. That is a very high statistic, especially when you consider just how painful and dangerous a bone fracture […]