Too Good to Be True

In-home Caregiver in San Marcos: Take Scams Seriously It is easy for us to laugh at scams that promise us thousands of dollars if we simply hand over some personal information or make a small investment. But for seniors, scams are no laughing matter. The combination of financial pressure, decreasing mental sharpness, and an unfamiliarity […]

Why do Scams Endanger Elderly Parents near San Marcos?

Elderly Parents near San Marcos Need Protection from Cons If your elderly parents near San Marcos are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you already know that they need vigilant protection from scammers who would like to try to steal money from them. You probably don’t give them the ability to write checks or transfer […]

Fake Investors Finally Caught

Local Arrests Ease the Mind of the In-home Caregiver near Carlsbad Special investigators recently caught four criminals who had stolen millions of dollars from at least 28 different seniors. The scam was centered in San Diego, and the in-home caregiver near Carlsbad is disturbed to discover the kind of financial abuse that was happening to […]

Bank Teller Steals Senior’s Money

In-home Assistance for Elderly near Poway Can Fight Crime All family members of seniors and in-home assistance for elderly near Poway should take great care to protect them from scams, fraudulent schemes, and other forms of organized financial abuse. Guarding a senior’s email account, phone, and front door are all important. But even simple, everyday […]

Phone Scam Warning from In-home Assistance for Elderly in Encinitas

In-home Assistance for Elderly in Encinitas Gives Phone Safety Tips Does your elderly loved one know what to do if a caller from an unknown number calls in the middle of the night and doesn’t leave a message? The perpetrators of a new nationwide scam prey on those who respond to that situation incorrectly. In-home […]

A Good Reason to Screen Caregivers in Leucadia

Choosing Caregivers in Leucadia Requires a Healthy Dose of Skepticism It’s not wrong to be a little paranoid when looking for caregivers in Leucadia to aid seniors living at home. As someone famously said, it’s not paranoid if they’re really after you! It’s the sad truth that seniors are a common target for scammers and […]