A Geriatric Care Manager Can Help Prevent Financial Fraud

Five million. That’s how many seniors fall victim to financial fraud every year, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse. Scary, isn’t it? Dozens – perhaps hundreds – of financial cons exist. There is even one scheme which works by promising to recover the money lost in another. What can you do to protect […]

Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad Have A Key Role In Many Legal Matters

Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad Have Valuable Insight Into Legal Matters When you need legal help in a situation involving your aging family member, you probably think of a lawyer as your first resource. An attorney who is an expert in elder law is indispensable, but a geriatric care manager also fills an important role in some […]

How Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad Could Help China

China’s Seniors Could Use the Expertise of the Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad In recent years, the United States has seen the development of a new kind of professional: geriatric care managers. In Carlsbad and across the county, these experts spend their careers helping seniors become and remain comfortable throughout some of their most difficult […]

Geriatric Care Managers near Leucadia Can Help With Voting Issues

Geriatric Care Managers near Leucadia Are Just the People to Ask About Seniors’ Voting Rights The elderly fall into an interesting category when it comes to voting in national and local elections: They have the right to vote, but are often physically unable to do what they need to in order to get to their designated […]

Geriatric Case Managers in Poway Help Prevent Hospital Readmissions

Geriatric Case Managers in Poway are Trained to Help Seniors Follow Discharge Instructions Going to the hospital is unpleasant enough—why would you want to go a second time? Unfortunately, in many cases, a senior that takes a trip to the hospital ends up being readmitted later for a related issue. Researchers know that a large percentage […]

Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego and VA Benefits

Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego Can Help Veterans Get Assistance For many years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been struggling to make the most of its mission. Our nation desires and works hard to make sure that our servicemen and women get the help they need, especially during their later years. But recent […]