How to Avoid Denture-Related Health Problems

Dentures Can Harm Overall Health Without Proper Care The invention of modern dentures has done much to improve quality of life for many, many seniors, even though we don’t often think about them. Dentures make it possible for seniors who have lost teeth due to illness or simple age-related causes to speak, eat, and look […]

Seniors Face a Wave of Medi-Cal Problems

Several Factors Make Medi-Cal Work Less than Perfectly A large government-sponsored health program is difficult to run. There are extremely large amounts of money involved, armies of employees to coordinate, and the serious needs of many thousands of citizens. The beneficiaries of the Medi-Cal system are thankful for the important services that it provides, but […]

Could In-Home Caregiving in San Diego County Be Taken Over? California lawmaker proposes integrated system of long-term care

We’re always leery of governmental intrusion into healthcare.  Here’s another example: California lawmaker proposes integrated system of long-term care By sbouchard Created 04/07/2011 SACRAMENTO, CA – Building on the outrage over proposed cuts to long-term care programs, the California Senate Committee on Health has moved along a bill which seeks to create an integrated system of long-term […]