In-Home Care for Seniors Helps Reduce Risk Of Dangerous Conditions

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. That is, except in warm climates where dehydration is a real concern. As we age, declining kidney function and our inability to recognize thirst both contribute to increased risk of dehydration. Not only that, but those who have a difficult time getting around are a lot less likely […]

How to Recognize and Treat Aphasia in the Elderly

What is Aphasia? Have you noticed changes in the way your elderly loved one speaks or communicates? Perhaps he or she has trouble putting words together, remembering the names of things, or comprehending what you say. If so, the problem could be aphasia. Aphasia involves the inability to communicate normally due to a brain dysfunction […]

Evaluating The Need For In-Home Care For Elderly Parents In North San Diego County During The Holidays

Holiday gatherings are a time to catch up with far-flung relatives, sing carols by candlelight, and watch as the grandkids dive into a pile of gifts on Christmas morning. If you have elderly parents in North San Diego County who live alone, though, holiday get-togethers are a good time to evaluate the competency of your […]

Nintendo Wii Can Help Home Health Aides In Valley Center

While the Nintendo Wii has quickly made a place for itself in the teen and young adult gaming market since its release several years ago, another, less expected, group of people have found it appealing as well. Tools for use by home health aides in Valley Center and other areas are usually designed specifically with […]

Living With Alzheimer’s Disease – Enlisting Senior Help in La Jolla and North San Diego County

The onset of Alzheimer’s disease in an elderly individual brings with it a set of challenges that drastically changes the daily life of the entire family. A grandfather or grandmother who previously needed little more assistance than a periodic lawn mowing now requires increasingly constant attention for the sake of safety. Family members often feel […]

Home Care in San Diego County – Our First Clients

A Client Story By Tim I want to tell you a story about one of our clients at A Servant’s Heart.  Actually, it was a couple, and they were our very first clients, in 2003.  They had been married for 62 years when we began serving them and they were in their 80s. They were […]