Geriatric Care Manager near La Jolla: Thinking About Aging

Advice From a Geriatric Care Manager near La Jolla About Perspective on Aging How do you think about the aging process? Do you “feel sorry” for the elderly? Do you view seniors as leading monotonous lives? Do you dread discovering the signs that you yourself are becoming a senior citizen? If so, maybe it’s time […]

Smile! Caregivers in La Jolla See Less Depression

Caregivers in La Jolla Happy About Lower Depression Rates Among Seniors As senior caregivers in La Jolla, we would like to think that we are primarily responsible for a slight decrease in depression among seniors in San Diego County over the last decade or so. But actually, the decrease is nationwide, according to a new […]

Caregivers Near La Jolla Should Be Involved in Hospital Discharges

By the time a person is discharged from the hospital, he normally has one primary goal on his mind: to get home! The exhaustion of a hospital stay reduces the ability of a patient to grasp all of his discharge instructions, especially if they involve numerous prescriptions and activity requirements. Seniors are at an even […]

Geriatric Care Managers near La Jolla and Long Distance Caregiving

Geriatric Care Managers near La Jolla are Ideal Partners in Long Distance Caregiving As our world gets smaller through advances in transportation and communication technologies, seniors and their families often find the distance between themselves actually getting larger. It is now very common for most, or even all, of an elderly person’s family members to […]

How Home Caregivers in La Jolla Can Help Dementia Patients

Tips for Home Caregivers in La Jolla Who Care for Dementia Many home caregivers in La Jolla care for seniors with dementia. While Alzheimer’s disease gets a huge amount of attention in the media, dementia is sometimes less in the spotlight. As family members and professional caregivers seek to make life easier for seniors who suffer from dementia, there […]

What Paul Ryan’s Pick Means for Companion Care in San Marcos

Companion Care in San Marcos: Better With a Romney / Ryan Victory? We all knew it would happen this way: The day Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his pick for vice president, the opposing side drew their weapons and started going to town. At the center of the Democratic attacks is Paul Ryan’s opinion about […]