Seniors Face a Wave of Medi-Cal Problems

Several Factors Make Medi-Cal Work Less than Perfectly A large government-sponsored health program is difficult to run. There are extremely large amounts of money involved, armies of employees to coordinate, and the serious needs of many thousands of citizens. The beneficiaries of the Medi-Cal system are thankful for the important services that it provides, but […]

Home Care in Solana Beach: Will Medi-Cal Cuts Hurt Patients?

Home Care in Solana Beach Explains Medi-Cal Prescription Cut With the nationwide health care upheaval caused by the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) in recent months, it is easy for smaller-scale changes to go unnoticed. For seniors under home care in Solana Beach, one of those smaller changes is a substantial reduction in the Medi-Cal program. […]

In-home Care near San Elijo Hills Hears About Huge Medi-Cal Settlement

Historic Settlement Encourages Providers of In-home Care near San Elijo Hills Those that provide in-home care near in San Elijo Hills read many discouraging news stories about the rampant fraud attacking the Medicare system. Medi-Cal, a state low-income medical assistance program, has troubles of its own with fraud, but a recent court decision encourages us […]

Medi-Cal Is Not Just For the Poor – Paying for In-Home Care in San Diego County and Nursing Home Care in San Diego County

From our friend Steven Ratner, Elder Law Attorney: Many people have the misconception that in order to receive Medi-Cal benefits, one must be close to the state poverty limit. This, in fact, is far from the truth. Generally, a married couple can own up to $111,560, a home, a vehicle, and retirement accounts, and still […]

When to Plan for Medi-Cal Coverage?

Over at, there is a good article about planning for Medicaid, a Federal program that is known as “Medi-Cal” in California. The article contains a series of good suggestions about this topic and is well worth reading by any family, whether or not they are currently concerned with issues of planning for Senior Care. […]