Better Days Ahead for Veterans’ Affairs?

Home Care in Rancho Bernardo Anticipates Reforms Within VA Deparment It’s hard to believe that it was just a few months ago that the Veterans’ Affairs Department scandals came to light. Of course, news of the failures within the bureaucracy was no surprise to the veterans who had suffered while their appointments and treatments were […]

In-home Caregiver near Escondido: Coming Cuts?

The In-home Caregiver near Escondido Examines 2015 Budget Cuts The year 2014 is only in its third month, but government officials are already making budget plans for 2015. Experts who have taken a look at the proposed budget notice that there are quite a few cuts to senior programs, and those cuts could become even […]

Obama Makes In Home Care for Seniors More Expensive

New Overtime Law for In Home Senior Care in the United States There are many families that depend on professional home care in the United States, and they will see major changes in the future due to new federal rules announced by President Obama and the Department of Labor, which reports to him.  The new […]

State Fails to Investigate Abusive In-home Caregivers in Escondido

Reports of Abuse by In-home Caregivers in Escondido Dismissed by Officials As residents of the great state of California, we hope that our government officials are doing everything they can to protect us—especially the elderly among us, who are less able to protect themselves. But an independent investigative group has published a scathing report claiming […]

Companionship for Elderly in Escondido: Hospitals Refusing Patients?

Companionship for Elderly in Escondido Questions Mandatory Reporting for Hospitals In an effort to give the public more information about just what happens in hospitals, some areas of the country have instituted mandatory reporting rules. These rules require hospitals to release public reports detailing both successes and failures in different fields. There is controversy over […]

Geriatric Care Managers near Leucadia Can Help With Voting Issues

Geriatric Care Managers near Leucadia Are Just the People to Ask About Seniors’ Voting Rights The elderly fall into an interesting category when it comes to voting in national and local elections: They have the right to vote, but are often physically unable to do what they need to in order to get to their designated […]