Companion Care near San Elijo Hills: Take a Walk!

Exercise is healthy. Nobody doubts this, but too often we think of exercise as just the weight-lifting, jogging, and bicycling that young people do in order to look their best. But it is important for those employed in companion care near San Elijo Hills and elsewhere to understand that elderly people need exercise too.  A new […]

Should Companion Care in San Elijo Hills Say “No” More Often?

How Can You Protect Your Parents When They Can’t Protect Themselves? The best companies providing companion care in San Elijo Hills and in other cities share your passion for treating seniors with respect, dignity, and love. However, it is also important to be aware of the flip side of that passion. Sometimes, seniors who are losing […]

Caregivers near San Marcos: A New Approach to Curing Diabetes

Caregivers In San Marcos Hear About New Diabetes Surgery Solution Many seniors assisted by caregivers near San Marcos suffer from diabetes, a common disease that at minimum causes daily inconvenience and at maximum can take the life of the victim. Science has developed many ways to combat and reduce the effects of diabetes, but so […]

Don’t Blow It! Making the Right Choices the First Time – Care Management near San Elijo Hills

To Save Money and Stress, Talk with Care Management near San Elijo Hills The transition from life at home to life in a long-term care facility is one of the most stressful that a person can face. If the entire family is agreed about the best course of action and provides excellent support, the senior […]

In-home Care near San Elijo Hills Hears About Huge Medi-Cal Settlement

Historic Settlement Encourages Providers of In-home Care near San Elijo Hills Those that provide in-home care near in San Elijo Hills read many discouraging news stories about the rampant fraud attacking the Medicare system. Medi-Cal, a state low-income medical assistance program, has troubles of its own with fraud, but a recent court decision encourages us […]