Too Good to Be True

In-home Caregiver in San Marcos: Take Scams Seriously It is easy for us to laugh at scams that promise us thousands of dollars if we simply hand over some personal information or make a small investment. But for seniors, scams are no laughing matter. The combination of financial pressure, decreasing mental sharpness, and an unfamiliarity […]

Avoiding Scams that Prey on the Elderly

How to Avoid Scams that Target Senior Citizens Because of their perceived vulnerability, seniors are often the target of online, phone, and other types of scams. These scams have the potential to cost thousands of dollars, ruin credit scores, and destroy the wealth that seniors have spent their lives building. In order to avoid these […]

Protecting Your Loved One From Financial Scammers

Scammers Target the Elderly Scammers love to take advantage of the elderly. Because those in the golden years of life are often unfamiliar with common scam tactics, they can easily fall prey to dishonest people looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense. While scams can wreak havoc on anyone’s finances, the elderly […]

Phone Scam Warning from In-home Assistance for Elderly in Encinitas

In-home Assistance for Elderly in Encinitas Gives Phone Safety Tips Does your elderly loved one know what to do if a caller from an unknown number calls in the middle of the night and doesn’t leave a message? The perpetrators of a new nationwide scam prey on those who respond to that situation incorrectly. In-home […]