Home Caregivers Near Valley Center: Grapefruit Affects Some Drugs

You probably already know that fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice are packed with important nutrients. Some of this fruit’s well-known health benefits are particularly important for elderly people–it can lower the effects of arthritis, help prevent cancer, and boost immunity against disease. But home caregivers near Valley Center and elsewhere should take note of a recent […]

In-home Caregivers near Valley Center Help Slow Dementia with Coffee!

Coffee May Help Valley Center In-Home Caregivers And Others Slow The Onset Of Dementia The fact that that coffee is more than just a drink is well known to in-home caregivers.  In Valley Center and elsewhere, it’s a cultural icon that plays an important part in entertaining, sharing special times together, and bringing back memories […]

Study on Geriatric Care Managers in Valley Center Shows Potential

Geriatric Care Managers in Valley Center Have a Measurable Impact on Seniors’ Well-Being Some scientists at Johns Hopkins University recently conducted a detailed study to find out just how beneficial it is to employ the services of geriatric care managers. In Valley Center and throughout the country, care management is becoming a more prominent solution […]

Caregivers near Valley Center: Hidden Bed Rail Dangers

Caregivers near Valley Center Should Be Aware of Bed Rail Risks Cognitive decline causes a senior to see and interact with the world differently. This change is most poignant when it involves other people that the victims have known for a long time, but ordinary items around the house are involved as well. Caregivers near […]

Long-Term Care Insurance – Good for Elderly Parents in Valley Center?

Elderly Parents in Valley Center Can Benefit From a Long Term Insurance Policy What’s the best way to pay for care for elderly parents? In Valley Center and across the nation, the same kinds of discussions play out between seniors and their loving family members—what financial help is available, whose resources will pay for help, […]

Valley Center Home Health Care: Heart Devices Increase Infection Risk

The miracles of medical technology have saved the lives of millions of people over the years, and perhaps none of these are as awe-inspiring as the devices that regulate heart activity. It is not uncommon any more for in-home caregivers in Valley Center to encounter seniors with pacemakers or defibrillators permanently implanted in their bodies, […]