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Breathless: COPD In the Elderly

In-home Care near Leucadia Provides COPD Information

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is a huge health problem in the United States. Many of us can’t identify it specifically, or even know what the acronym stands for, but experts rank it as the fourth leading cause of death in the nation. In recent years, increased scientific research has both taught us more about the disease and revealed how much more study is needed to combat it effectively. In-home care near Leucadia serves many seniors who have trouble breathing on occasion, but because the aging process often causes COPD-like symptoms, it can be difficult to diagnose.

Where COPD Comes From

In retrospect, we are baffled that it took public health experts so long to identify the risks of cigarette smoking. At the midpoint of the century, smoking was at the height of its popularity and millions of people were ingesting harmful tar and other elements at an alarming rate. Today, one of the consequences of that era is a prevalence of COPD. If your senior loved one developed a smoking habit in his younger years, he may well suffer from COPD now. Other causes of COPD include inhalation of harmful substances (such as chemicals and microscopic particles) on a frequent basis, most often because of employment.

What You Can Do

There are doctor-prescribed medications, devices, and other treatments that provide relief from COPD symptoms. The good news, however, is that most effective methods of minimizing symptoms are free!

  • Quit smoking. It’s never too late to kick the habit and stop putting destructive particles into the lungs. Quitting gives the lungs the chance to rebuild themselves and become strong again.
  • Exercise. When the lungs must work harder during exercise, they grow and become better at breathing during normal activity.
  • Create a healthy environment. Do your best to keep fumes, cigarette smoke, allergens, dust, and mold out of the house. Avoid prolonged activity outdoors during periods of high pollen or nearby wildfires.

Your senior’s doctor can conduct tests to determine whether normal aging or COPD is causing his shortness of breath. With a more complete picture, he will have a number of valuable suggestions for helping your loved one stay comfortable and happy.

In-home Care in San Diego County Can Reduce COPD Irritants

Your elderly parent may need to restrict activities that require strenuous breathing, such as vacuuming the house and dusting. Unfortunately, those are just the activities that will also help minimize COPD symptoms! In-home care in San Diego County is a great solution for both problems. An energetic caregiver will keep the house neat and free from dust, encourage healthy behavior like exercise and good meals, and also be on the lookout for any medical emergencies arising from COPD. Contact us today to meet our compassionate caregivers.

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