The Most Important Questions

What are the MOST important questions to ask home care companies?

Ask These Important Questions Before Choosing Care Providers For Your Loved Ones!


  •  Are you a full-service home care company or just a registry or a domestic referral agency?  In other words, are your caregivers all employees of your company or are they something else?
    • YES – We are a full-service home care company. Our caregivers are all employees or our company.


  • How do you select your caregivers? Do you have specific selection criteria?


  • Do you promise that you will NEVER miss a scheduled shift? If so, what structure do you have in place to keep that promise?
    • YES – We always have backup caregivers on call and we have special technology in place to make sure that OUR caregivers are truly on the job when and where they are supposed to be.



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