What Our Wonderful Clients and Their Families Say…

Our Personal Attendants Put The Needs of Their Clients First!These are excerpts from letters poems that clients and their families have sent to us expressing their appreciation for the care that we have provided to them and their loved ones.

Our purpose is to be a blessing to our clients, our clients’ families, and to our caregivers, and these testimonials are the blessing that receive in return. Thank you!

  • True to Their Name
    Linda and Tim have created a business that lives up to its name. When my father passed away suddenly last year and my mother needed immediate care, love and compassion, we were lucky to find A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions. If ever there were Angels of Mercy, Linda and Tim can be counted in their ranks. We would highly recommend them to anyone who loves a family member, or a dear friend, and needs to entrust their care to someone. They are caring, dependable, professional, patient and truly compassionate. I can’t speak highly enough of them. Linda and Tim, thank you for all you have done for our family. Our mother loves you dearly and we are happy to have you in our lives.


  • Very helpful, professional and comforting
    We recently required care for our mom, who was brought home with hospice. My brothers and I also stayed, but Mom wanted someone other than us take care of daily needs. We were hesitant to bring in outside people. A Servant’s Heart was recommended to us and we are so glad they were involved in our mom’s end-of-life care. We knew 5-6 people would be needed for 24-hour care and thought we would have to tell our story 5-6 times as well as have different personalities in our home during this time. We were so happy when we realized their field rep interviewed us once and then took care of all the rest with each new introduction. In addition, their staff were all so kind, sensitive, and understanding. Mom loved each one and formed special bonds, which gave us additional comfort. I highly recommend a Servant’s Heart to anyone that needs personal care.


  • God truly blessed us
    “Thank you again Servant’s Heart for everything. God truly blessed us with all of you. Everyone was so wonderful to mom. You not only cared for her, but were her friend and companion. Your caregivers not only did their “job” but went beyond that. All of your caregivers became a part of our family, prayed with us, and cared for us. I know in my heart the Holy Spirit led us to you.May the lord bless you and your families forever.”


  • Love and dignity
    “Please accept our “thank you” to you and your staff for your attentive assistance to my mother and our family. We are most grateful to the service you offered that allow us to care for mom with love and dignity till the end.”


  • Lord Bless You!
    “Thanks so much for your caring attention to our beloved Mom! How we appreciated your help & kindness. It allowed my folks to remain at home longer…We marvel at the lord’s faithfulness in providing for our parents. We’re so thankful He led us to you. Lord Bless you!”


  • You Gave Us Confidence
    “It’s been a month now but we will never forget the wonderful care you gave my darling husband. You are such professionals that the minute you walked in we felt comfortable.Obviously our son was relaxed in your hands too because he was able to talk to you about his concerns. This was a great blessing to us because we were able to get him the spiritual help he needed. A priest came for a little while later in the afternoon, you remember? It was New Years Day, also a holiday, Holy day in the church, so it wasn’t easy to find someone available.Thank you too for your patient teaching. There are so many helpful tricks that you passed on that helped so much when we were on our own.My husband was always so sweet that it was a joy to be there to help him. But it was you who gave us the confidence to do so.Many thanks for coming and giving us such caring help. You made all the difference in the world and we appreciate all your efforts.Heartfelt thanks from all the family!”


  • The Wonderful Care My Caregiver Provides
    (A poem by one of our clients)”How can I relate the wonderful care my caregiver provides?
    Not only does she seem to know my needs,
    She anticipates them and then fulfills them.
    It’s only fair to say that when it comes to
    “Sharing and caring” she’s the best!”


  • “Lucky, Lucky me”
    (Another poem, by the same client)”My caregiver, who takes care of me, who goes out of his way to fill my every need, is proof that there is indeed a power from above the power of love.
    That’s why every morning, when I awake, I take the time to thank God for all the care bestowed upon me.
    As I say, ” Lucky Lucky me.”
    Why I’m so lucky I don’t know, but I thank God that it is so!”
  • I’m looking forward to having A Servant’s Heart Caretaker just for me!You guys have established a wonderful company that my family and I have benefited from for quite awhile. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to officially thank you.First you gave us Kitty, who was a wonderful, energetic and organized Caregiver. She was our first Caregiver for Maggie and Fred, and our first love. But she is Balinese Royallty (an actual Princess in her land of origin). We loved speaking French and a little German with her (we all stumbled when it came to Indonesian and Dutch), but a Princess cannot stay forever.Then came Kathryn, a Princess in her own right. She is astute, fun-loving, hard-working and has a great belly laugh. She is knowledgeable about things medical and particularly competent with geriatric care ( care of the feet, the nails, the skin and of all the fragilities that come with great age). In addition to being a superb driver, housekeeper, cook and overall manager of medical appointments, she is a true companion to my parents. She chats with them, brings them out, makes them laugh, while simultaneously keeping everything on track and operating smoothly. They genuinely love and trust her, as do we all. And, she has the patience of a saint ( for instance, far more than I have) with the oldsters. And all the extras!! She is teaching my mom to oil paint, and has encouraged my dad to start writing again on his ancient electic typewriter (he used to be an outstanding correspondent, let it go for a long time, but is now back at it). It must be said that you have a real talent for finding real talent.

    Also, from the business end of things, your company has always been reliable, responsive and has helped out so much with the paperwork we needed.

    Give a high five to Raylene.

    A Servant’s Heart has made the prospect of old age ( for those us creeping steadily towards it) seem not not so awful at all; I’m kinda looking forward to, one day, having A Servant’s Heart Caretaker just for me!

    Love and gratitude,

    Nancy Deming

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