Caregivers For Elderly Parents near Encinitas – Training is Important!

Training Caregivers for Elderly Parents Near EncinitasTrained Caregivers For Elderly Parents near Encinitas 

If you hire a company to provide care for your elderly parents near Encinitas or other cities, you expect the caregiver to be trained in all the tasks he or she will perform—in fact, you might assume that is the case. That’s a mistake, as numerous recent studies have shown that many agencies don’t provide any training at all. Worse yet, some agencies claim to train their workers but actually don’t.

An Important Job

The caregiving industry is fairly new, and some people have incorrect assumptions about it. One of those is that, since caregivers of the elderly  aren’t medical nurses trained to perform advanced tasks, they don’t really need training. While it is true that making the bed, doing laundry, and straightening up the house don’t take any special instructions, that’s not all caregivers do.

Specialized Services

A caregiver should be able to help seniors in and out of chairs and bed; provide healthy meals that adhere to dietary restrictions; and be able to respond immediately if an emergency occurs. Safe lifting habits, CPR, nutritional needs, and general information about the needs of seniors are just some of the areas that workers must be educated in. Many caregivers already know these things when they are hired, but an agency must at least offer the training and ensure that each worker can fulfill his or her obligations.  Also, it is important that they know how to properly assist with or perform personal care tasks and activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, incontinence care, and more.

Continuing Education and Training

Besides initial training and certification, it is important for caregivers to receive ongoing continuing education and training.  For some caregivers who hold state-issued certifications such as Certified Nurse Assistants or Certified Home Health Aides, in California those personnel are required by the state to take a specific number of hours of continuing education every year in order to renew their licenses.  However, other personnel who don’t have a statutory requirement for continuing education still benefit from recurring, relevant training.

A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions strongly believes in the value of continuing education and training for its caregivers and other employees.  Every month we provide training on a range of topics that are relevant and meaningful for our caregivers and the clients whom they serve.

We also strongly believe that the best way to learn is in instructor-led, classroom-based settings.  Our classes are taught by a Registered Nurse and we are approved by the state of California to provide continuing education credits for our employees who are Certified Nurse Assistants and Certified Home Health Aides.

We have a dedicated training room set aside in our main offices just for our continuing education program.  Our continuing education calendar is on our website, so please take a look there.  We hope you agree that we provide a meaningful opportunity for our caregivers to be continual learners throughout their careers with A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions.

Quality of Service

There is no use hiring in-home assistance for elderly parents near Encinitas if the caregiver that comes doesn’t know how to do the tasks at hand or act as a first responder in a health emergency. Don’t feel self-conscious about discussing these issues with a caregiver or their supervisor; the best caregivers are eager to set your mind at ease about their level of training.

Originally posted 2012-07-25 12:30:19.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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