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Caregivers in Leucadia Keep an Eye on Parkinson’s Disease

Identifying Parkinson’s Disease Signals with Caregivers in Leucadia

You might be hearing more people talking about Parkinson’s disease right now than you usually do. That’s because it’s receiving a lot of attention by news outlets and TV personalities, as Michael J. Fox debuts a sitcom on NBC that has the disease at its center. Fox is taking every opportunity to spread awareness of the disease, making it less intimidating with his signature sense of humor (“I figure I can play any character at all, as long as he has Parkinson’s disease!”). Let’s join the trend and brush up, as caregivers in Leucadia review some of the warning signs of Parkinson’s:

Reduced Muscle Control

The most visible indicator that Parkinson’s disease is present is unusual muscle movement. Nearly constant nodding, shaking, or twitching of the head, fingers, or feet is an obvious giveaway, but unusual movement on a small scale could be a very early warning sign. For Michael J. Fox, it was a pinky finger that seemed to shake on its own. Someone with early Parkinson’s is probably able to control such movement if they are focused on it, but when the body is “at rest,” unconscious movement indicates a possible problem.

Other Physical Traits

Parkinson’s disease affects other actions as well. Someone who seems to be losing their sense of smell, for example, may be feeling the effects of Parkinson’s. As they find it hard to execute subtle hand motions, their handwriting might get worse and harder to read. Facial muscles behave abnormally, giving the person a facial expression that others find strange. Taken on their own, each of these issues is probably not enough reason to suspect Parkinson’s disease, but if a person displays multiple signs, it may be time to visit a doctor for tests.

Caregivers in San Diego County Care for Parkinson’s Patients

Seniors with Parkinson’s disease are ideal beneficiaries of the services of professional caregivers. In San Diego County, seniors who are fully capable on the mental level but physically can’t cook or perform other daily tasks safely just need someone to fill in those gaps for them. And when the housework is done, perhaps they could sit down together, watch Michael J. Fox’s new TV show, and laugh together about the challenges that Parkinson’s disease brings to life!

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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