Freelance Caregiver Recruiter Program

The Program

The purpose of the program is to increase the number of qualified caregivers who are available to work for the company.

The Freelance Caregiver Recruiter Role

The result required for this role is to refer qualified caregivers who successfully apply, get hired and work for us.

To be more specific, you will be successful in this role when you identify qualified caregiver candidates and have them successfully (1) apply for work with us as caregivers, (2) pass the interview process, (3) complete the onboarding and orientation process, (4) begin working billable shifts for us, and (4) work for at least 100 billable hours for us.

Independent Contractor Status – This is a “freelance” recruiter role

The Caregiver Recruiter role is an independent contract position. It does not offer employment with the company, and the recruiter and the company are both free to stop work or work with others at any time. The recruiter is an independent contractor and will be paid as such. The compensation paid will be reported on a 1099 form that you will receive from the company at the end of each year.  You will not receive a W-2 form from the company.

Other than the Recruiter Compensation described elsewhere in this document, the company does not provide anything to the recruiter.  The recruiter provides all of her or his tools, supplies and any other things that she or he needs in order to find and refer prospective caregivers to the Company.

Recruiter Compensation

Compensable recruits: The recruiter will be compensated for each candidate who is successfully hired and who identifies themselves as having been referred to the company exclusively by the recruiter.

“Successfully hired” means that the compensable recruit:

  • Successfully applied via our ATS, for which a link is available on our website and which utilizes a well-established, commercial third-party ATS solution
  • Met our selection criteria
  • Successfully interviewed in our office
  • Was made a conditional offer of work, subject to post-conditional-offer candidate checking that includes reference checks, background checks, TB tests, and more
  • Was subsequently in fact hired after passing the post-conditonal-offer checking
  • Successfully completed our new employee orientation proces
  • Successfully completed their first billable shift
  • Successfully completed their first 100 hours of billable service

The compensation is:

  • Part 1: $25.00 (USD) after their first billable shift, plus
  • Part 2: $75.00 (USD) after their first 100 hours of billable service

The compensation is paid via PayPal.  No taxes will be withheld.  You are responsible for your own taxes.

No compensation will be paid for referrals of caregivers who have worked for the company in the past.

Getting Started As A Recruiter

Before you refer your first caregiver to us, you need to email us with your name and phone number and a brief message stating that you will be referring caregiver candidates to us.

After that, you should make sure that every time one of your referred candidates applies, they identify you, by name, as the way that they found out about the company.

Before the company can pay you for the first time, you must complete and submit an IRS form W-9 to the company.  We require that in order to fulfill our 1099 reporting obligations at the end of each calendar year.


The Company

Our company provide caregivers who provide non-medical supportive care services for elderly clients in the clients’ homes, so that those clients are able to continue living in their own homes when they can no longer take care of all their own daily needs, instead of having to move to nursing homes.

We provide service in North San Diego County, which we distinguish as the portion of San Diego County, California, from the northern border of the county south to Highway 56. We do not usually provide service south of Highway 56 unless the client requires around-the-clock care.

Because of this we normally require that candidates live within the service area described above. We occasionally consider making exceptions for this criterion for highly qualified, highly-available live-in caregivers.

We hire caregivers as employees of our company. We offer both hourly work and so-called “live-in” or “24-hour shift” opportunities.

Caregiver Selection Criteria

In order for our company to be a good fit for candidates, we tell candidates the following:

  • In order to work for our company you must have:
  • Qualifying experience as a caregiver for seniors and other adults, with solid references that we can verify (so that you will be able to provide excellent service to our clients). If you are a CNA or CHHA that’s great, but it is not required.
  • “Qualifying experience” means either:
    • At least one year of work with other employer-model home care companies, residential care facilities, as a private paid caregiver, or as a paid caregiver with IHSS.
    • At least two years of experience as an unpaid family or volunteer caregiver.
  • A valid driver’s license (so that you can transport our clients or do errands and shopping for them)
  • Proof of auto registration and appropriate auto insurance coverage (so that you can transport our clients or do errands and shopping for them)
  • A good driving record (for the safety and peace of mind of our clients). This means no more than one ticket in the last 12 months OR no more than one accident in the last three years, but not both and not something more serious.
  • A residence within our service area (so that you can reliably make it to your shifts).

You must be:

  • Physically able to safely perform all home care tasks (so that you can safely assist our clients with transferring)
  • Able to read and write English and able to speak English (so that our clients and staff can safely work with you)
  • Able to pass a TB (Tuberculosis) test (to protect our clients’ health)
  • Able to pass a very thorough criminal background check(for the safety of our clients)
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States (so that we can obey the immigration laws)
  • Able to work at least twenty hours each week and at least one weekend day every week

 Other Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify this program in any manner, or to end it completely, at any time.  Compensation for any candidates who were successfully referred prior to the date and time of the change will be paid at the rate and in the manner described in this program description prior to the modification or termination of the program.

We reserve the right to decline referrals from specific individuals or companies while accepting referrals from others.  If we decide to decline to accept referrals from specific individuals or companies we will notify those individuals or companies via email.

Caregivers of the company are eligible for this role.  Administrative and Sales and Marketing employees of the company are not eligible for this role.

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