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How to Go to Jail for Elderly Financial Abuse

U.K. Man Ends Bizarre Financial Abuse Journey

Sadly, stories of financial abuse against the elderly have become so common that we have grown accustomed to seeing them on a weekly basis in the local news. But occasionally a story is so odd that it catches our eye and reminds us of just how far some people will go to rob the vulnerable of their hard-earned savings. This week, a story unfolding in the United Kingdom may take the cake for the most elaborate, complex elderly financial abuse scheme in a long time!

Raising Suspicions

The story began when a seemingly kindhearted neighbor decided to begin caring for an elderly man who was beginning to develop dementia. This kind of situation is common in the U.S. as well, especially when an elderly person who lives alone has little contact with family members. Sometimes, the unrelated acquaintance is truly seeking to help, making the elderly patient’s life more comfortable and safer as dementia sets in. Other times, the kind actions are simply a mask for the caregiver’s true intentions.

In time, officials grew suspicious of the caregiver and attempted to investigate to find out exactly what was going on. It seemed that he was taking some unusual actions on behalf of the dementia patient, and later evidence showed that he actually forged a will leaving the man’s entire estate to the caregiver. At about the time the investigations began, an “accident” led to the caregiver’s hospitalization and it seemed that police would be unable to take him to court due to his poor health.

Continuing the Ruse

It seemed that every time officials resumed their investigation and sought a new court date, the man’s medical condition worsened. In fact, the hospital reported that he was now in a coma, which persisted for two years. Whatever had transpired, it looked as if justice may never be served.

To their credit, police continued pursuing the truth, and they discovered something shocking. During the time that the caregiver was supposed to be in a comatose state, security video footage showed him shopping and enjoying a trip with his family members! As it turns out, the injury and declining medical condition were complete hoaxes, invented solely to avoid prosecution for financial abuse of the dementia patient.

Serving Justice

Prosecutors are now charging the fake caregiver with stealing nearly $65,000 from the dementia patient, along with associated charges of fraud and forgery. As you can imagine, the judge in the case has stated that he is not inclined to be lenient!

Hopefully, your senior loved one will never find himself embroiled in this kind of elaborate financial abuse situation. The danger of fraudulent caregivers is a real one for all seniors who live at home, though, and experts recommend choosing an in-home caregiving company that is reliable, insured, and well respected.

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