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In-home Caregiver near Poway: Sleeping Cleans the Brain

Good News About Sleep from the In-home Caregiver near Poway

Science is constantly discovering new benefits of the activity that we spend more time doing than almost any other single thing: sleep! You might think that your brain, like the rest of your body, is getting a break during sleep, but such is not the case. The in-home caregiver near Poway recently learned about a newly discovered function of sleep—one that directly relates to Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking Out the Protein Trash

Protein in your diet is good, but proteins in your brain are not. As your brain operates throughout the day, it secretes beta-amyloid proteins as a by-product. These proteins, if allowed to build up, would hamper the ability of the brain to do its job. Many experts believe that this protein buildup is at the root of the development of Alzheimer’s disease, so it is receiving particular scrutiny by scientists. When you sleep, the brain “cleans out” these proteins, disposing of them through channels that empty into the bloodstream.

Sleep is Critical

Eliminating beta-amyloid proteins seems to be a major activity that the brain accomplishes during sleep. That’s because it takes a lot of energy, and you would probably get slowed down quite a bit if your brain tried to do it while also controlling your limbs, making fast choices, and pondering deep thoughts. Seniors, who often suffer from insomnia, may be putting their brains at a disadvantage by not giving them enough time to clear out beta-amyloid proteins.

In-home Caregiver in San Diego County: Sleep Soundly!

A common thief of sleep, both for the elderly and for their family caregivers, is worry. The kind, competent assistance of an in-home caregiver in San Diego County can remove this burden of worry, assuring you that your loved one has all the help they need. Let us keep your senior’s house in order, prepare delicious meals, and create an ideal environment for a good night’s rest.

Originally posted 2014-01-07 10:30:27.

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Tim Colling

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