In-Home Care in Escondido, California

In Home Caregivers San Diego County Seniors

The Way That You Would Do It If You Could Be There
Certified by CAHSAH, the California Association for Health Services at Home
Accredited A+ by the Better Business Bureau
Providing In-Home Caregivers for San Diego County Seniors Since 2003
Over 50,000 Caregiver Visits Performed For Hundreds of Clients

Calls from concerned neighbors. Forgetful behavior during your last visit. An obvious lack of grooming. Unprepared for earthquakes or other emergencies. You see the warning signs, but what can you do? You can help your loved ones live independently with dignity, safety and security in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible, by having us provide carefully screened and supervised professional caregivers and personal attendants who provide in home care for them in their own homes.
Needing assistance with housekeeping, cooking or the activities of daily living doesn’t mean you require expensive skilled nursing. In fact, most often companion care provided by caregivers and personal attendants will fit the bill exactly. Other times, the insight and expertise provided by professional geriatric care management in San Diego County is the answer. Let us provide your loved ones with expert companion care for the elderly as well as expert care manager advisory services.


A Servant’s Heart Escondido

It’s never easy to find a qualified, compassionate caregiver in Escondido. A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions, Inc. has the answer for all your caregiver needs. A Servant’s Heart can supply you with the best caregivers available in the Escondido area; offering a variety of homecare services that are specific to your particular needs. Our caregivers love their jobs and knowing that you have someone who loves what they’re doing makes a world of difference. We take the time to do regular checks on each of our caregivers to ensure that they’re not only timely, but doing things the way you want because quality service with our caregivers is a priority with A Servant’s Heart.

Here are some of the caregiver services we can offer:

  • Homecare – various aspects of homecare, including reminding the client to take their prescriptions, hygiene assistance, and more.
  • Transportation –don’t feel cooped up at home simply because you can’t drive! Let us take you around to your appointments and errands. Nobody should feel trapped in their own home, whether it’s due to a temporary or permanent disability. If you have a loved one that relies upon you to take them to and from appointments, taking you away from work or everyday activities we can help! Don’t miss anymore work; instead let us provide your loved one with safe and timely transportation to and from their appointments.
  • Light Housekeeping  – Light housekeeping chores such as dusting, running the vacuum and sweeping can keep your home looking kept up and presentable. Whether it’s a temporary situation that has left you feeling “behind” in regular housekeeping chores or an ongoing problem, we can offer regular assistance.
  • Meal Preparations – Offering meal preparation for those no longer able to cook or to ensure that your loved one has regular meals offered and ready for them; we can provide meal preparation services as part of our caregiver services.  This is a favorite service of those who are worried about a loved one who is diabetic or noticing that your loved one isn’t eating like they should.
  • Companionship Visits – A Servant’s Heart caregivers take the term “care” to heart. Companionship visits are a time of bonding between our caregiver and your loved one. It can entail simply enjoying conversation or playing a game; watching a favorite program together or sharing interests that your loved one has. The idea is to provide someone to be there with your loved one in case they need anything or you simply need to ensure they’re safe inside your Escondido home. This service is exceptionally useful for constant caregivers of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia and simply need a few hours for themselves.

Give us a call today for a free consultation. We can determine what type of caregiver services you are in need of in your Escondido home and help you get any paperwork started to get your insurance or other payers to provide the finances for the services needed. A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions, Inc. truly provides caregivers with a heart to serve in your Escondido home.

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