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In Home Caregivers San Diego County Seniors

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Certified by CAHSAH, the California Association for Health Services at Home
Accredited A+ by the Better Business Bureau
Providing In-Home Caregivers for San Diego County Seniors Since 2003
Over 50,000 Caregiver Visits Performed For Hundreds of Clients

Calls from concerned neighbors. Forgetful behavior during your last visit. An obvious lack of grooming. Unprepared for earthquakes or other emergencies. You see the warning signs, but what can you do? You can help your loved ones live independently with dignity, safety and security in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible, by having us provide carefully screened and supervised professional caregivers and personal attendants who provide in home care for them in their own homes.
Needing assistance with housekeeping, cooking or the activities of daily living doesn’t mean you require expensive skilled nursing. In fact, most often companion care provided by caregivers and personal attendants will fit the bill exactly. Other times, the insight and expertise provided by professional geriatric care management in San Diego County is the answer. Let us provide your loved ones with expert companion care for the elderly as well as expert care manager advisory services.


A Servant’s Heart La Costa

Are you looking for caregivers in the La Costa area? Are you having a hard time finding qualified, compassionate caregivers for your loved one? A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions, Inc. is the answer to your problems. We can provide outstanding, qualified, compassionate caregivers in La Costa and the surrounding area so that you and your loved one are cared for in the way they need and deserve.

We monitor our caregivers regularly to ensure that they are always providing the caregiver services you expect. A Servant’s Heart performs unannounced monitoring visits to your La Costa home while our caregivers are working for you. This ensures you that the proper job is being done in a timely & proper fashion. Along with regular monitoring of our caregivers in La Costa, we will also help you with any paperwork you may need completed in order for your caregiver services to begin. Don’t let the fear of paperwork deter you from getting the care you or your loved one deserves.

A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions, Inc. can provide the following caregiver services:

  • Light Housekeeping – Whether it’s a temporary health issue or a permanent change in lifestyle that has you feeling as though you just can’t keep up with your housework our caregivers can offer you the help you need. Our light housekeeping services offer you the opportunity to look around and feel as though you still have things under control with simple things like dusting, vacuuming and odds and ends being taken care of. It can truly keep you from getting depressed and start feeling as though you are on the path to normality.
  • Companionship Services – Our motto is “Where The Needs of Others Come First!” and we mean it. When you take advantage of our companionship services you know that we offer to come to your La Costa home to provide a constant companion; keeping your loved one safe and snug in their own home. Our caregivers offer a smiling, compassionate friend who truly cares about your loved one and keeping them safe while you get time apart. If you’re in the position of being the constant 24/7 caregiver to someone who cannot be left alone perhaps it’s time you gave yourself the peace of mind that someone is with your loved one keeping them safe while you have time away.
  • Meal Preparation Services – A home cooked meal can make a real difference in both healing and in keeping healthy. Allow our caregivers help ensure regular meals are available. We can even prepare meals for reheating later. Our caregivers’ meal prep services are a real hit with those who are diabetic, limited in mobility due to a recent surgery, or simply unable to make sure they’re getting regular, healthy meals.
  • Errand/Transportation Services –This is a wonderful service for those who have someone at home that needs regular treatments, infusions, etc. but due to budget constraints you can’t continuously take time off work to take them. We also have a lot of clients that may have had recent surgery that has limited their ability to drive and need one of our La Costa caregivers to provide safe and friendly transportation.

A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions, Inc. caregiver services in La Costa are not strictly limited to what we’ve listed above. Let us set up a free consultation to determine what caregiver services we can offer to you or your loved one. Let’s get the paperwork started today to bring a compassionate, qualified Servant’s Heart caregiver to your La Costa home to provide the caregiver services you need.

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