Elderly Parents Del Mar Heat Warnings

Elderly Parents in Del Mar Face Danger From Heat

Doctors Urge Elderly Parents in Del Mar to Take Heat Warnings Seriously

Many elderly parents in Del Mar and throughout the San Diego area treasure the traditions, habits, and patterns that they have observed for many years. Those of us with elderly mothers and fathers are quite familiar with the difficulty of convincing them to stop certain activities, from cooking to driving a car. With spring in full swing, doctors are eager to make sure that seniors understand the danger that heat poses to them—even if they’ve loved the hot weather all their lives.

Risks of Excessive Heat

Severe heat presents dangers to everyone—not just seniors. Even teenagers must take extra precautions when outdoors to avoid heat stroke, dehydration, and sunburn. Heat dangers are deceptive because we often don’t realize how the sunshine and our sweating is affecting us until the damage is already done. For the elderly, the consequences are much higher than they are for those with younger, more resilient bodies.

Changing Habits

It’s a source of pride for many elderly parents in San Diego County that they “don’t mind the heat,” especially if they remember growing up without air conditioning at all! Even so, the climate control we enjoy today is an important and even life-saving tool for seniors. Aging bodies lose their ability to retain water and resist the sun’s damaging rays, so spending lots of time outside in excessive heat or leaving the air conditioning off puts them in real danger.

Helping Elderly Parents in San Diego County Enjoy the Summer

It’s up to us family members and professional caregivers to talk our loved ones into protecting themselves from the heat. They can still enjoy a walk outdoors and a picnic once in a while, but plenty of water, sunscreen, and protective shade are essential. No matter how they feel about the hot Southern California weather that they’ve lived with all their lives, it’s time for them to take it easy and spend some time cooling off for their own good.

Originally posted 2013-04-04 10:30:44.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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