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Home Health Care near Encinitas: What About Herbal Remedies?

Home Health Care near Encinitas Should Exercise Care When Recommending Herbal Remedies

As seniors accumulate more daily prescription needs, it becomes more difficult for them and their home health care near Encinitas to keep track of the interactions between them. If a senior develops a headache, indigestion, or another mild health issue, it’s hard to know whether a pill meant to cure it will cause harmful side effects when combined with prescriptions. Are herbal remedies the answer? Perhaps, but be careful—many herbs can also conflict with standard prescription drugs.

Side Effect Concerns

Herbal remedies, obviously, affect the body to bring about the desired cure. Prescriptions are also affecting the body, and herbs have the potential to cause problems if they conflict. Follow the same rules you normally would when administering drugs to a senior: Contact the doctor to ask about a remedy’s safety before using it. As one example, ginger, garlic, and ginseng supplements can interfere with blood thinning medications.

Safety Concerns

It’s important for home health care in San Diego County to note that herbal remedies are not subject to the same rigorous testing and approval procedures as standard medications. There is relatively little regulation of what herbal products may be sold or how safe they must be. It is the customer’s responsibility to select effective herbal remedies from trustworthy manufacturers.

Home Health Care in San Diego County

Herbal remedies are popular for good reason—they often provide a milder, more natural alternative to pharmaceutical solutions for minor health needs like low energy and immunity. But family members and professional caregivers alike need to approach herbal products with care, and avoid using them without consulting a doctor first. And never use a brand new herbal product that claims to be a virtual cure-all; no product can do everything, and it may even harm your loved one.

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Tim Colling

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