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Home Health Care near Leucadia: Dementia and Retirement

Home Health Care near Leucadia Keeps Elderly Minds Active

The big news in senior health this month is a research project that sought to discover links between retirement age and the risk of developing dementia. As expected, the researchers found that there is indeed a strong link: for each extra year that a retirement-aged senior stays in the workforce, their risk of dementia decreases by a little over three percent. Home health care in Leucadia can also help seniors stay active, even if they can’t continue working outside the home.

Why Working Helps

It might seem that working longer would actually put extra strain on the brain—after many years of dealing with the stresses of the workplace, wouldn’t it be better for an elderly mind to relax and face less pressure? Actually, the brain does best when it’s being challenged. Interacting with people, meeting deadlines, and solving problems all day gives it the exercise it needs to stay in top condition.

Other Ways to Stay Active

Perhaps your aging loved one can’t get hired as a receptionist at an office or serve customers at a local restaurant. But you can still help them keep their brain active. Don’t be afraid to give a senior a lot to do: social events, trips around town, mentally challenging games, and responsibilities around the house all help even a retired senior stay busy. Sitting indoors for most of the day and watching whatever is on TV, on the other hand, has just the opposite effect.

Home Health Care in San Diego County Is Good for the Brain

With full careers and families to manage, most adult children of seniors don’t have time to keep their parents busy throughout the day. But home health care in San Diego County can do just that. From engaging seniors in stimulating conversation to helping them complete big projects around the house, these professionals specialize in helping the elderly stay fit, sharp, and happy.

Originally posted 2013-07-23 10:30:55.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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