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Remember to Laugh…and Laugh to Remember

Joking Around with In-home Care near Del Mar

It’s a well-known saying that laughter is like medicine. Laughing certainly makes us feel better, but is it literally beneficial for our health? An interesting study found measurable effects of humor on a group of test subjects, which could indicate that laughing is an effective weapon against memory loss. Read on to learn more about why your senior loved one under in-home care near Del Mar should read a “joke of the day” as he takes his prescriptions!

Stress Reduction is Real

The more scientists learn about the human brain, the more they can pinpoint the chemicals that certain thoughts and activities release. Stress, for example, triggers an increase in cortisol, a chemical that wears down our memory strength. Laughter lowers stress and reverses the process. This finding led scientists to wonder if they would be able to measure real cognitive benefits by making people laugh, then testing their memory.

Laughter is a Good Prescription

The results of the study were clear. Subjects who watched a 20-minute humorous video performed better on memory challenges than similar subjects in a test group. It seems that making the strange sound that we call “laughing” does more than just tell those around us that we’re happy–it is also an important stress reliever that clears our brain and helps us think more effectively. With more testing, scientists may even be able to determine whether laughter has long-term effects on memory loss. And that is nothing to snicker about!

In-home Care in San Diego County Joins in the Laughter

Let’s face it: most of our laughing happens when there are other people around. A senior who spends most of her time alone at home doesn’t get much company, but in-home care in San Diego County can provide that all-important human companionship. After passing the day with good stories, shared activities, and plenty of laughs, your loved one will be surprised at how quickly the time has gone.

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Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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