In-Home Personal Attendants in San Diego County May Be Safest Choice When Possible – Hospital Errors 10 Times Higher Than Previously Estimated, Study Finds

From The California Healthcare Foundation “CaliforniaHealthline” today: The number of hospital-related adverse medical events could be up to 10 times higher than previously estimated, according to a Health Affairs study, Modern Healthcare reports Study Details For the study, University of Utah researchers and colleagues analyzed the records of nearly 800 patients admitted in October 2004 at three […]

Infection Control Certification May Lower MRSA Rates

California hospitals appear to have significantly lower rates of MRSA infection if their infection control directors are board-certified, according to a study published in the March issue of theAmerican Journal of Infection Control. For the complete article, see:   Certification in infection control matters: Impact of infection control department characteristics and policies on rates of multidrug-resistant infections. Originally […]

Should My Parent Have an In-Home Caregiver Stay With Them At The Hospital?

The answer is: Yes! Whenever a patient, whether or not the patient is a Senior, is admitted overnight to stay in a hospital, we recommend that someone else stay with them at all times to advocate for them, to be an observer/witness for what takes place, and to be there for them when they need […]

Information for Caregivers in Oceanside: Increasing Number of Hospital Infection Lawsuits

Caregivers in Oceanside Should Note The Increasing Number of Hospital Infection Lawsuits We have written before about what we perceive to be an increasing rate of healthcare-associated infections (“HAIs”).  Most of the infections that our clients have had, most notably MRSA and C.diff, were acquired in hospital settings, from what they have told us or our caregivers. […]

Stay Home with In-Home Care in San Diego County: Feds begin new push to improve hospital safety

As any regular reader of this forum knows, we’re not big fans of staying in the hospital when you don’t have to. You are much safer and better off at home, when you don’t really need inpatient hospital care, and if you need help to be at home you can readily get it by having […]

Safer To Stay At Home with In-Home Caregiving in San Diego County When Possible – Alabama hospital infections linked to filter problem

We often make the point that when possible, it’s actually safer and more comfortable to be at home, with in-home personal attendants if necessary, than in the hospital.  There are many reasons why that is best for many people, especially frail or elderly people. We have suggested that families should have an in-home caregiver stay […]