Four Essential Facts Seniors Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease

What Is Parkinson’s Disease? If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, you may have questions about what the condition is, how it affects people, and what can be done about it. Parkinson’s disease affects the nervous system, causing tremors or difficulty of movement. Over time, the condition will gradually become […]

Four Things Seniors Need to Know About Scleroderma

Photo by Sami Keinänen -(cc) What is Scleroderma? Scleroderma is a hardening of the skin and tissue that may range from mild, localized cases to systemic cases that affect major organs. Symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the condition and which parts of the body are involved. They may include: Hard, tight, or […]

Doctor groups pinpoint top sources of unnecessary care

Nine physician specialty societies collectively representing about 375,000 physicians nationwide  released a list of five procedures or tests for each of the nine specialties that they think their colleagues should think twice before ordering.  Information like this affects Seniors everywhere, including San Diego County.  In-home caregivers, whether family members or professional caregivers provided by private […]