Gardening Increases Quality of Life and Physical Activity Level of Older Adults

It’s just common sense that getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine will help most people feel better and have fun, and that’s certainly true for older adults.  Now there’s a scientific study that proves the point. Researchers in Texas at Texas A&M University and Texas State University have concluded that gardeners who are older […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Elderly Loved One’s Quality of Life

What Matters Most to Seniors During the Golden Years? Quality of life issues rank high on the list of concerns family members face as their loved ones begin to age. Will Mom and Dad enjoy retirement and relish their golden years, or will they be one of the 7 million Americans over the age of 65 […]

Avoiding the Dangers of Loneliness for the Elderly

How the Elderly can Avoid Loneliness As the world becomes more and more accessible to all, and relocation becomes a common theme for aspiring young professionals, kids, grandkids, and other relatives often move hundreds or thousands of miles away. While this may have a profound impact on a child’s career trajectory, long term educational benefits […]

Seniors Can Alleviate Foot Pain with the Right Shoes

Extra-Depth Shoes Make a Difference Older people who have foot pain associated with aging, diabetes, or changes to the structure of the foot can get relief from wearing the right kind of shoes. A new study based in Australia compared a group of seniors who wore extra deep, extra wide shoes marketed to people with […]

Learning How to Stay in Shape—At Any Age!

Low-impact Exercises Help Seniors Look and Feel Great Some seniors have an unfortunate view of what their later years should look like. After working all their lives, they feel they have earned the right to sit around, take it easy, and adopt a very sedentary routine. Other seniors, without putting things into words, simply slip […]

How Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad Could Help China

China’s Seniors Could Use the Expertise of the Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad In recent years, the United States has seen the development of a new kind of professional: geriatric care managers. In Carlsbad and across the county, these experts spend their careers helping seniors become and remain comfortable throughout some of their most difficult […]