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Caregivers near Rancho Bernardo: Explaining Alzheimer’s Disease to Kids

Caregivers near Rancho Bernardo Discover Delightful Children’s Book about Alzheimer’s Disease

Explaining the effects of Alzheimer’s disease to children is one of the most confusing tasks we can face while caring for elderly parents. How can we expect to help kids understand a disease that has today’s top scientists working overtime to unravel? Caregivers near Rancho Bernardo have found a children’s book that strikes just the right tone and introduces children to people with Alzheimer’s disease in a way that is both beautiful and effective.

Always My Grandpa

In the book “Always My Grandpa,” written by Dr. Linda Scacco, a young boy and his mother work together to understand and help an aging father/grandfather as he develops symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Adults who have encountered the disease will recognize all the common signals described in the book: repeating stories, forgetting familiar faces, even putting the house in danger by neglecting a dish on the stove. Poignantly, we also recognize the responses of the family members—not always positive—as they struggle to find their roles.

Real and Fun to Read

The illustrations in this book are just as excellent as any you’ll find in children’s literature today, and draw the attention of all ages. The genius of the story is in telling a tale filled with interest for children, without “dumbing down” the facts about this strange disease. But caregivers in San Diego county want you to be warned, though—the last few pages will have any sensitive parent in tears, as they brilliantly show how even a young boy can create a different kind of relationship with a grandpa suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Caregivers in San Diego County: Don’t Leave the Kids Out

The bigger message of this book is that it’s a mistake to shelter or hide your children from Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors who are losing their precious memories need all their family members at their side, and children will later treasure the times that they spent with these seniors. Include your kids in the caregiving process, and you will do the entire family a great favor.

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Tim Colling

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