Newsletter – November 2009

In This Issue: Brand New Website Cool Tool Of The Month: The TeleStik (Not Your Average Reacher) Helpful Gifts and Products for the Holiday Season Free Memory Screenings from A Servant’s Heart! Eight Tips to Avoid Sales Scams for Medicare Advantage Plans & the Medicare Prescription Drug Program Local Resources for You and Your Older […]

Avoiding Scams that Prey on the Elderly

How to Avoid Scams that Target Senior Citizens Because of their perceived vulnerability, seniors are often the target of online, phone, and other types of scams. These scams have the potential to cost thousands of dollars, ruin credit scores, and destroy the wealth that seniors have spent their lives building. In order to avoid these […]

How Driverless Cars Could Change the Future For Seniors

Google’s Driverless Car Could Help Elderly Drivers Maintain Independence Rumors about Google’s driverless car have been circulating for years now. Testing of self-driving Lexus and Toyota models began in 2009, with vehicles that operated independently while still incorporating driving controls and the option for a driver to take over when necessary. Now, however, Google is about to take […]

Using Technology to Connect with Aging Parents

Technology Helps Families Stay in Touch It’s not always possible for children of the elderly to live close by and visit every day. Physical distance can create concerns about aging parents who may not have the mobility or metal capacity they used to. But thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to remain in close contact with parents […]

How to Put Tech to Work for Senior Safety

New Sensors and Alerts Improve Monitoring Ability It’s not hard to let our imaginations run wild and picture a world in which seniors are served, protected, and cared for by machines instead of people. In Japan, research on robot service is proceeding full steam ahead, and when you think about it, we already depend on […]

How to Avoid Denture-Related Health Problems

Dentures Can Harm Overall Health Without Proper Care The invention of modern dentures has done much to improve quality of life for many, many seniors, even though we don’t often think about them. Dentures make it possible for seniors who have lost teeth due to illness or simple age-related causes to speak, eat, and look […]