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Fun Summertime Activities for the Elderly

Safe Summertime Activities for Seniors

It’s that time of year. School is out, the weather is warming up, and families are planning their summer vacations. While your elderly friends and may have lost some of their youthful energy, there are still plenty of great activities that can help make them feel young again. With the help of these ideas, the summertime can be filled with new memories, fresh air, and quality time with family.

Attend Sporting Events or other Outdoor Activities

While they may be unable to participate in as many sporting events as they used to, your elderly friends and family can benefit greatly from attending an outdoor sporting event. As long as they are properly hydrated and use plenty of sun screen, being out in the sun can provide essential Vitamin D, which can improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of depression. Summer is a great time for baseball, and this list details the geographic location of all of the minor league baseball teams associated with the MLB. Depending on the fitness and mobility of your loved one, another outdoor event that may be an option, is a 5k walk. These walks often benefit different diseases or disorders, and are a great social event where you can meet others with similar interests. There are many races with no time limit where walkers are encouraged, and anyone can participate. Participating in a 5k walk is a great way to keep active and get fresh air, while benefiting a great cause that is important to you. Another popular activity among the elderly is water aerobics. Water aerobics can also be a great way to meet friends and stay active. Many local gyms or aquatic centers offer aerobics classes for the elderly

Enjoy Time in Your Yard

Spending time in the yard is another great way to stay active, while getting the sunlight and fresh air that doctors recommend. Tending to a vegetable garden is a great way to give purpose and responsibility to your elderly loved one. Keeping a garden that produces fruits or vegetables can be a rewarding experience, and spending time outdoors tending to the garden, watering the plants, and weeding the garden are enough to continue to encourage mobility. Another great activity for seniors that doesn’t require quite as much mobility is bird watching. Anyone with a pair of binoculars and a good view can look for new and exciting birds. By using an illustrated bird guide, seniors can track different birds that they’ve seen and continue to look for new species.

Relax with a Picnic or Outdoor Concert

Picnicking can be a fun summertime activity that the whole family can enjoy. By finding a local park, packing a healthy meal, and setting out to enjoy a meal together, your loved one will benefit by getting fresh air and sunshine, a healthy meal, exercise, and quality time with the people he loves. Outdoor picnics are a great way to continue to make cherished memories that everyone will enjoy.

Many cities also offer outdoor concerts during the summer. By checking your local city’s website, you can see what summer concerts are offered, and you can get a taste of the local culture by hearing local talent entertain the town. These outdoor concerts are not only entertaining, but they are also a social event where you can meet friendly neighbors.

These fun summertime activities for the elderly are a great way to keep senior citizens happy, healthy, and entertained during the summer. These options are just a glimpse of what the outdoors has to offer during the summer, and the opportunities for outdoor enjoyment are endless.



Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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