Staying Active with Arthritis

How the Elderly can Stay Active, even with Arthritis

Arthritis can be a painful, debilitating condition, but it is possible to stay active even with the decreased mobility that is associated with Arthritis. While Arthritis can certainly affect the quality of life and limit the activities that you’re able to perform, there are still options to stay active and keep your mobility. As with any plan to increase or maintain an activity level, you should always seek help from a medical professional to ensure that you’re healthy enough to increase your activity level. Staying active with Arthritis can help ease joint pain, and is a great way to improve your mood and energy level.

Enjoy Low Impact Activities that Limit Stress on Joints

Although exercise can be more difficult for those with Arthritis, there are many low impact options that can provide a great workout, while minimizing the wear and tear on joints. Biking is a great option for active seniors that are looking for low impact exercise. By getting an adult tricycle or recumbent exercise bike, you can stay safe and get in the great workout your body wants, while staying safe.  Water based activities are another activity that minimizes stress on joints but provides a moderate workout. Whether it’s swimming laps, participating in water aerobics, or spending time in the pool with grandkids, active seniors with arthritis can get exercise without experiencing severe joint pain by spending time in the water. These activities can all vary in intensity and can be tailored to your experience and ability to move.

Enjoy Date Night or Time with Family

Staying active with arthritis doesn’t have to mean exercise. A simple date night can be another good way to maintain mobility and movement without causing undue stress on arthritic joints. Cooking at home or attending a cooking class is a great date idea, or way to stay active while spending time with loved ones. When cooking, you often don’t realize how much you’re moving, but it’s a fun activity that does require significant movement. Attending Dancing lessons is another fun date activity that requires movement, but isn’t too intense. Dance lessons may be new for most seniors, but with the right instructor, there are many benefits to a night out on the dance floor. Finally, for senior citizens that aren’t quite mobile enough for dancing, there are still many options. Just getting out of the house and going to a movie, enjoying a meal out or progressive dinner, or going to the mall is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy a night out, and still get some exercise.

Participate in Activities with your Kids or Grandkids

This is perhaps the most fun way to stay active as a senior. Today’s video games often require movement, making it a great way to interact with your loved ones, while still getting exercise. Motion-based games are easy to play, even for beginners with no video game experience, and they’re fun and entertaining! Playing games like hide and seek, walking through the park, gardening in a vegetable garden, and going bowling are all great ways to stay active while spending time with the ones you love.

While staying active with arthritis can be difficult or painful, with some creativity and a little discipline, seniors can continue to get the exercise and activity that they need while having fun and spending time with loved ones. Whether it’s a date night out on the town, some reduced impact exercises, or spending time outdoors with grandkids, seniors with arthritis have many options that can help ease the pain of arthritis without decreasing their mobility or quality of life.

Joyce Apperson
Joyce Apperson

Joyce Apperson is a Registered Nurse and Geriatric Care Manager with 15 plus years of experience working with advocating for seniors. She is the founder and President of Caring Connection, Inc., which provides in-home care and geriatric care management in Harford County, Baltimore County and Cecil County in Maryland. Joyce currently serves on the Harford County Advisory Board on Aging. In addition to writing articles here for the Caring Connection's blog, Joyce has been a regular contributor on senior care topics to the County Gazette.

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