In-home Care Near Fallbrook – The Challenge of Caring From a Distance

In-home Care Near Fallbrook - The Challenge of Caring From a DistanceGiving elderly parents the level of in-home care near Fallbrook necessary to allow them to remain in their own familiar settings can be a significant challenge under any circumstances. More people than ever before, however, are now taking on these responsibilities with an added factor—long distance.

Modern technological advances, such as live video chat, have made it possible for adult children to keep in close contact with their parents even from across the country, so keeping up with the everyday small needs is relatively simple. But in the case of an emergency, getting to the side of a senior who needs help is time-consuming, expensive, and requires putting job and family on hold for several days.

One Option: Move Closer To The Parent

In some cases, when an elderly parent begins to need more extensive in-home care near Fallbrook, a family member simply relocates to be nearby. In today’s economy, though, finding a new job right away in the new location is unlikely at best, and leaving an established career may be an unacceptable risk for the rest of the family’s future.

Seniors usually are very attached to their own home and surroundings, not wanting to start a new life in a new part of the country. In the case of seniors with dementia or other mental frailties, relocating could simply be too traumatic to be a viable option.

Use Techology To Full Advantage

Long-distance caregivers have developed great strategies for meeting their challenges. Some employers are willing to work with employees who need to leave town for a short while in order to deal with an aging parent’s health emergency, and daily communication allows distant children of aging parents to help those parents address needs themselves before they grow too large for them to handle.

Using telephones, video chats and other tools, they can schedule doctor appointments and even manage financial affairs online for their aging parents. However, stress, financial burden, and lost work can take a toll on far-away families, far more so than those who live just a short drive from their aging parents.

Professional In-Home Care in San Diego County Can Fill The Gap

Professional in-home care service near Fallbrook can provide valuable help and peace of mind in these situations. Trained caregivers can handle needs from simple household tasks to personal care needs.  In the event of an emergency, they can get a senior the help he or she needs until family members can make it into town.

Professional caregivers build special bonds with their clients, becoming companions as well as assistants. A successful partnership between long distance family members and a company dedicated to providing excellent home care near Fallbrook can be the perfect solution for keeping loved ones safe at home.

Professional Geriatric Care Managers In San Diego County Can Also Help

Professional Geriatric Care Managers are social workers or nurses who act as case managers for Seniors when there is no family available or no family living nearby.  The care manager can be “the family’s eyes and ears” and make sure that the Senior’s care needs are periodically assessed for changes in need and make sure that those care needs are met.

A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions Is Here To Help

A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions offers both care management services and in-home caregiver services, making it an ideal choice for such situations.  We are here when you need us!


Originally posted 2012-04-02 10:30:58.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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