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New Pacemaker Doesn’t Require Surgery

The Future of Pacemakers from Senior Care in Encinitas

Perhaps you know an elderly person who is alive today because of a pacemaker. This incredible invention has been very effective in countering the deadly effects of heart disease, manually regulating the body’s heartbeat and adding years to the lives of many people. But medical researchers aren’t satisfied with creating a tool that accomplishes this feat; today the focus is on developing a smaller, better, and more convenient pacemaker. Senior care in Encinitas brings you the latest breakthrough:

No Incision Required

It may sound impossible to get a pacemaker close to the heart without making an incision in the skin. But that is just what researchers have been able to do! The new pacemaker is very small, about the size of a normal vitamin tablet. In an experimental procedure at a Michigan hospital, doctors successfully inserted the pacemaker into an artery, then moved it up the artery until it reached the heart. So far, the device is functioning as intended, and the patient feels much better.

Compared to Traditional Pacemakers

The new pacemaker costs more than a standard one, which is to be expected given the advance in technology. However, it functions about four years longer than other models, which would be particularly valuable for younger patients. Another major advantage is that the new pacemaker does not use electrical leads, which are an inconvenience and possible safety risk for heart patients. Because there is no surgery, the risks and recovery time for the procedure are greatly reduced.

Senior Care in San Diego County Helps Heart Patients

Heart attacks and strokes are major threats for elderly people, and response time is a critical factor when an emergency strikes. Your senior loved one may not have a pacemaker, but he may still be in danger of suffering a cardiac emergency. Having a professional in senior care in San Diego County at the home on a regular basis is a good way to make sure that someone is there to help in such a case.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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