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In-home Assistance for Elderly near Carlsbad Compares U.S. Seniors to International Statistics

If you are a family member providing care for a senior, you probably feel like you have plenty to think about, even if you benefit from in-home assistance for elderly near Carlsbad. But it can help to take a look at how U.S. seniors compare with the elderly in other countries around the world. A research group has ranked the nations based on the advantages that their seniors enjoy. Where do American seniors place?

U.S.A. is Number Eight

According to this particular study, there are only seven other countries that treat their seniors better than the U.S. The criteria included obvious factors like the quality of public health care, medical progress, and average income level, but those aren’t the areas in which the U.S. excelled. As it turns out, our country does a very good job providing opportunities to seniors for education and profitable employment. Those benefits are important to seniors, most of whom want to continue adding to the society around them for as long as possible.

The Major Drawback

Within the data of this research project, there is one finding that gives many public health experts cause for concern. When the group looked at our “safety net”—the set of public programs that ensures a senior’s well-being if he loses his source of income—they ranked it a distant 36. Even this low score says something positive about the U.S. mindset toward aging, however: we are accustomed to getting the help we need from family members and friends, not primarily from a government program.

Depend on In-home Assistance for Elderly in San Diego County

The ready availability of in-home assistance for elderly in San Diego County is another big advantage that United States seniors enjoy. The elderly in many countries have no one outside of family to keep them safe and comfortable in their homes. But with the help of professional caregivers, seniors here in California can rest assured that someone qualified is taking care of their needs at all times.

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Tim Colling

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