What Case Managers/Discharge Planners Need to Know about Private Duty Home Care Services

This is a guest post written by Elizabeth Hogue, Esq., a well-known attorney in private practice with extensive experience in health care and clients all over the country.  In order to be appropriate for home health or hospice services paid for by any payor, including the Medicare Program, patients must either be able to care […]

Seniors Face a Wave of Medi-Cal Problems

Several Factors Make Medi-Cal Work Less than Perfectly A large government-sponsored health program is difficult to run. There are extremely large amounts of money involved, armies of employees to coordinate, and the serious needs of many thousands of citizens. The beneficiaries of the Medi-Cal system are thankful for the important services that it provides, but […]

Do-It-Yourself Wheelchair Repair

You Have to Love This Community Service Story (Especially If You Need In-home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo) People across the country have been outraged recently to learn that the Department of Veterans Affairs spent years suffering from failures and deliberate deception rooted deeply in its operation. Many tragic stories have surfaced about senior veterans who have waited […]

Better Days Ahead for Veterans’ Affairs?

Home Care in Rancho Bernardo Anticipates Reforms Within VA Deparment It’s hard to believe that it was just a few months ago that the Veterans’ Affairs Department scandals came to light. Of course, news of the failures within the bureaucracy was no surprise to the veterans who had suffered while their appointments and treatments were […]

Disturbing News about VA Delays

In-home Assistance for Elderly near Escondido Brings an Update on the VA Scandal If you have an elderly veteran in your family, you have likely been following the development of the scandal that has hit the Department of Veterans Affairs this month. With Memorial Day coming up, the story is a sad reminder that it […]

In-home Caregiver near Escondido: Coming Cuts?

The In-home Caregiver near Escondido Examines 2015 Budget Cuts The year 2014 is only in its third month, but government officials are already making budget plans for 2015. Experts who have taken a look at the proposed budget notice that there are quite a few cuts to senior programs, and those cuts could become even […]