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Home Care near Encinitas: Electronic Device May Combat Alzheimer’s

Potentially Important Breakthrough for Alzheimer’s and Home Care near Encinitas

News outlets around the country are projecting cautious, but decidedly optimistic, reports about a different kind of research aimed at slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Those in home care near Encinitas are particularly interested in this research: whereas most recent efforts have concentrated on developing a medication that would attack the presumed causes of the disease in the brain, this one approaches the problem differently–by electronically stimulating the parts of the brain that the disease slows down.

Like a Pacemaker

To help the public understand how the new device works, doctors compare it to a heart pacemaker, which uses electricity to force the heart to pump blood at the correct rhythm. The brain stimulator does the same thing to a key brain “pathway,” which shows reduced activity in Alzheimer’s patients. The hope is that, by manually keeping that pathway active through stimulation, the device could give the patients back much of their cognitive function.

Positive Results So Far

After some preliminary testing and one full-scale human test, the doctors involved are ready to move forward with studies on a large group of people who will be fitted with the devices. All the results so far have been very positive, with almost no negative effects to address along the way. While trying not to give the public hopes that could turn out to be false, many doctors are wondering if the stimulator device is the best chance yet for drastically slowing Alzheimer’s disease.

Applications for Home Care in San Diego County

Professionals in home care in San Diego County have long dreamed of a world without Alzheimer’s disease. While the stimulator device would not reverse the disease or cure it, it could decrease its effects to an incredible degree. Seniors and families should keep a close eye on medical news outlets during the next few years to see how quickly this technology makes its way out of testing and into widespread use.
Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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