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Home Caregivers near Rancho Bernardo: New Cataract Surgery

Helping Seniors with Home Caregivers near Rancho Bernardo Beat Their Cataracts

One of the greatest health benefits of our time is also one that is seldom noticed. Eye cataracts affect almost every one of us as we age; they cloud our vision and make it hard for us to accomplish tasks that require accurate eyesight. Seniors become unable to drive, make out people across a room, or read a book comfortably, and they may even need home caregivers near Rancho Bernardo to take care of normal household tasks. But fast, painless surgery to remove cataracts has given countless seniors a new lease on the life of their eyes.

Cataracts 101

Cataracts are basically minor damage to the lens of your eye. The damage occurs naturally through “wear and tear” over many years of use. Diabetes, other diseases, and excessive sunlight cause cataracts to develop more quickly. In the past, people were resigned to losing their vision as this damage clouded it more and more, but today, incredible surgical techniques can restore clarity in no time.

New Approaches

For years, doctors have been removing the eye’s natural, cataract-damaged lens and replacing it with a manmade version. The operation involves an incision, stitches, and reduced focusing ability—that is, patients usually need glasses for close-up vision. Now, however, a revolutionary new lens allows patients to adjust their focus just like their natural lens did. It also requires minimal incision and no stitches at all. Recovery takes less than a day.

Seeing Home Caregivers in San Diego County More Clearly

It’s hard for many of us to imagine living with constantly clouded vision. The frustration and physical effects, such as headaches from straining the eyes, greatly detract from the enjoyment of life. Home caregivers in San Diego County are relieved that so many seniors are able to benefit from the marvels of modern science, getting their cataracts removed with such a minimal surgical procedure.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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