Recognizing Alzheimer’s Signs (San Diego County Caregivers)

alzheimer's Being able to quickly recognize Alzheimer’s signs in a loved one can save a great amount of frustration, confusion, and potential physical danger for those suffering from the early stages of the disease. The development of Alzheimer’s disease is an occurrence that no one looks forward to dealing with, but it is made more bearable by the loving care of San Diego County caregivers – but, first, the disease must me noticed by the alert attention of loving family members who can discern the signals as early as possible.

While the normal aging process is frequently accompanied by the loss of hearing ability, occasional forgetfulness, and other impairments, Alzheimer’s signs are more intense, more concerning, and have potentially dangerous effects for those affected. The most common signs can be divided into three large categories:

Unusual Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness connected with Alzheimer’s disease is disruptive and unexpected. San Diego County caregivers suggest that we might expect an elderly person to forget the name of someone they met a few days ago, but forgetting the names of family members, pets, or other everyday acquaintances is a different story. Short-term memory loss is another telltale sign; early Alzheimer’s disease often leaves an individual unable to repeat a short list of items just a few minutes after hearing it. Forgetting the current time of day, season, or location are other causes for concern.

Unexpected Activity or Mood Changes

Some of the most startling Alzheimer’s signs are the tendencies of the individual to respond to situations in an uncharacteristic way. San Diego County caregivers will tell you that impairment in judgment can lead to poor decisions about money; inappropriate responses to questions from others; and confusion about normal occurrences such as seeing oneself in a mirror. In addition, early Alzheimer’s sufferers often display negative moods or attitudes that do not correspond naturally to their surroundings.

Heavy Impairment of Common Functions

The effect of Alzheimer’s on memory and activity is more drastic than the occasional forgetting of a phone number. If an individual shows an increasing difficulty in determining basic depth perception, color identification, or brand new vision problems, Alzheimer’s disease may be responsible. Language skills are often affected, making the individual unable to communicate normally. Common tasks that a person has performed nearly every day over the course of many years may suddenly seem impossible to someone suffering from early Alzheimer’s.

The ability of a family member to recognize Alzheimer’s signs is often a critical factor in the safety and well-being of an individual who is beginning to suffer from this mysterious disease. As he or she becomes increasingly unable to care for themselves, it is the loving attention of loved ones that will make the transition as easy as possible. San Diego County caregivers are available for support and help, for those afflicted with the disease, and family members searching for the best love and care for their loved one.

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Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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