Balancing the Need for Care with the Need for Independence

Introduction We all agree that it is a tough situation to go through – deciding if and when your loved ones need outside assistance. Sometimes that decision is almost made for you if an acute crisis triggers the need for help. Often times, though, the need is of a less acute or more subtle nature. […]

What the Elderly in San Diego County Should Do to Prepare for an Emergency

The recent power outages have been a wake up call for many elderly and their children in San Diego county. Were you prepared for the power outages? If you were like most of the elderly in San Diego county, this power outage caught you by surprise. How can you plan in advance so you can […]

Cool Tool for Seniors: FotoDialer Makes Using the Telephone Easier

Meet FotoDialer, the cool tool that makes in-home care for seniors easier. If you’ve ever seen your older loved ones struggling to read tiny type in an address book or punch little buttons on a phone in just the right order, you’ll appreciate FotoDialer’s simplicity and ease of use. It allows the elderly or disabled […]