News From A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions – 8/17/10

Here are summaries and links to the most recent news you can use from our website at  Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this newsletter: – Overcoming the Challenge of Paying for In-Home Care For Seniors – How a Geriatric Care Manager and a Durable Power of Attorney Make Aging Easier – Other Voices: When Guns Get In […]

In-home Care near Encinitas: Tips for Making Ends Meet

Paying for In-home Care near Encinitas Is Rarely Easy Are you feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed by the costs of caring for an elderly loved one? Don’t feel too bad if you are. Just think for a moment about exactly what you are taking on: You’re supporting an additional person with little, if […]

In-home Care in Encinitas: Senior Spending Habits

In-home Care in Encinitas Gives Advice About Senior Spending You’ve certainly seen the late-night infomercials for products that virtually no one needs—an egg-cooking tool, a commemorative coin collection, a strange grooming implement, or a multitude of other quirky items. As you watch in spite of yourself, you have probably asked, “Who buys these things?” Those […]

Home Caregivers in Escondido and the Better Business Bureau

Consult the Better Business Bureau When Choosing Home Caregivers in Escondido Customers and clients of all kinds have learned to trust the reputation of the Better Business Bureau. The organization has stood for many years as one of the best measures of a company’s customer service in fields from landscaping to restaurants. If there are […]

Geriatric Care Managers in Carlsbad Can Help With Money Questions

Geriatric Care Managers In Carlsbad Help Make Managing an Aging Parent’s Money Easier There is hardly a more sensitive topic than an aging parent’s finances. Maintaining a senior’s budget on their behalf is often a tightrope act, making sure that he or she has all the equipment, medications, and assistance necessary while also conserving money […]

Long-Term Care Insurance – Good for Elderly Parents in Valley Center?

Elderly Parents in Valley Center Can Benefit From a Long Term Insurance Policy What’s the best way to pay for care for elderly parents? In Valley Center and across the nation, the same kinds of discussions play out between seniors and their loving family members—what financial help is available, whose resources will pay for help, […]